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Paternity is the establishment of a legal relationship between a father and a child or children. A child born to parents who are not married still has the right to have financial support from his or her father.  The father also has the right to have a relationship with the child (unless a Court finds that such a relationship is not in the best interests of the child).

In order for the child to receive support from his or her father, or for a father to have the right to have a relationship with his child, paternity must be established by a court.  Sometimes a paternity action will be brought by the State of Florida in order to create the legal relationship and then to establish a child support obligation and to enforce payment of this obligation.  A father who is subject to a support obligation established in this manner does not have the right to see or have contact with the child.  He must bring a separate action to establish paternity in order to address issues of time-sharing and parental responsibility.

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