Child Custody and Visitation

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The Will Nelson Law Firm

The terms “Child Custody” and “Visitation” have been used throughout the United States in examining what will happen to children in cases of divorce or paternity.  Florida does not use this terminology

The Florida legislature removed the word “custody” from statutes many years ago, focusing instead on equalizing the nature of the relationship between each parent and the child or children. Though one will often hear that the courts favor the mother over the father, Florida statutes are designed to create strong parent-child relationships with each parent and to emphasize, as the primary consideration, the best interests of the child or children.

When a Florida judge considers matters related to children in a divorce or paternity case, the Court will establish a parenting plan which includes a time-sharing schedule (deciding how much time each parent will spend with a child or children) and will make findings regarding parental responsibility (how the parents will work together and make decisions regarding the child or children).  Florida statutes outline a series of factors that the Court should consider in making decisions about time-sharing and parental responsibility.

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