The Will Nelson Law Firm

The Will Nelson Law Firm

Our firm represents clients in divorce cases in both Escambia County, Florida and Santa Rosa County, Florida.  Divorce (and all matters related to marital and family law) are heard by judges in the Florida state courts. Whether a Florida judge should hear a case depends on whether Florida has “subject matter” jurisdiction over the case.  Florida statutes require that one of the parties considering a divorce have lived in the state of Florida for six (6) months or longer prior to filing an action for divorce.  The Court must also have “personal” jurisdiction over the parties in order to resolve all aspects related to the divorce.

Actions are filed in the county with the greatest connection to the subject matter.  For example, a couple with children living in Escambia County would file an action for divorce in the Escambia County Circuit Court. This legal concept is called venue.

If a judge has jurisdiction to hear a divorce case, he or she typically will decide all aspects of the case which may include child support, child “custody”, division of property, division of debts, issues relating to the family home and any other matter which involves the couple and/or any children of the marriage.

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